Getting Started


Before you continue, be sure that you have these tools installed on your machine:

Git (


Get the framework from Github:

$ git clone

As an alternativ, you can download it as ZIP

Change into the Ignite root directory:

$ cd ignite

Install gulp global and all dependencies local, you will need them later to compile the less:

$ npm run setup

You did it!

Let's start.

Style your project

Because Ignite is designed for VIUR projects it uses a specific dictionarystructure. Of cource you can customize it for your workflow.

In ../static/less/ your find the style.less which is imported as default by ignite. Change this in the viur.less, if required.

Gulp and the other dependencies will output the css in ../static/css/. Change this in the gulpfile.js, if required.

... And Make it

Change back into the ignite root directory:

$ cd ignite

And run the gulp file to compile the less:

$ gulp

Use the gulp watch task!

For faster workflows you can use the gulp watch task, it will compile the less after changes in files automatically.

$ gulp watch

Well Done!

Open your project in a browser.